SMS Machine

SMS Machine 1.03

Send SMS messages automatically


  • Automatically blocks calls or SMS messages
  • Automatic response to calls, messages, or both
  • Set up rules to control responses
  • Supports contacts by category


  • Your friends or colleagues may start to get annoyed with too many auto-responses


I don't know about you, but the pressure to reply quickly to every text message I receive can sometimes overcome me. I know some people who get angry with me if I don't get back to them within 2 minutes of sending their message, and this drives me crazy. Step forward SMS Machine, a wonderful application that can respond to messages and calls automatically.

The program runs transparently on your device, intercepting any calls or messages you receive and sending the perpetrator a predefined SMS message. This makes it ideal for letting people know when you're unavailable because you're in a meeting, a library or a cinema, without disturbing the people around you.

The great thing about this program is that it's so customisable thanks to it's rule-based method of operation. Hence, you can set it to allow calls from certain numbers, schedule messages by time and date, and filter numbers that should be watched out for.

If you hate having to interrupt your activities dealing with incoming calls or messages, SMS Machine provides the perfect way to delay the need to respond.

SMS Machine is the premiere stand-alone SMS answering machine for Treo/Centro. It gives your beloved phone the power to control all incoming SMS and calls. It does everything flawlessly and swiftly. Missed calls can be auto-replied with SMS, SMS can be blocked and/or auto-replied with SMS and blocked calls can be auto-replied with SMS.

This amazing software doesn’t interfere with your third party ringtone manager. Not only that, it supports very powerful and smart wild card implementation in the SMS Rules and smart rich text in the Call/SMS Logs which will make our life easier.

Now, enjoy a quiet dinner with your family while being polite to everyone who is contacting you. Let your boss, friends, customers, officemates, kin, and family members know that you can’t attend to your phone at the moment because you are preoccupied by the current task in hand like a meeting, sleeping, cooking, jogging, playing, and the like.

Furthermore, put an end to the bothersome telemarketers, credit card call center agents, and stalkers. Our answering machine is up for these jobs…SMS Machine!

SMS Machine


SMS Machine 1.03

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